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A top distinction for a top spirit!

GRAND GOLD AWARD - Frankfurt International Trophy 2024

Tsipouro Kalaitzi stood out in the International Wine & Spirit Completion (IWSC) 2023 - the biggest and most prestigious spirits competition globally - among 4100 spirits from 98 countries and won the Bronze Award for its exceptional quality and its smooth and elegant taste that perfectly combines aromatic Greek grape varieties from Thessalia.

On our passion

...for ingredients

For Tsipouro Kalaitzi, we select exceptionally aromatic Greek grape varieties from Thessalia with the same care that Charalampos Crommidas himself used to hand-pick and weigh his grapes to stay true to that perfect balance of his tried-and-tested recipe.
Muscat, Malagousia, Savatiano, Roditis and Assyrtiko come together in a harmonious marriage, fermented in ideal conditions, under the watchful eye of the oenologist.

On our passion

... for the alembic:

Tsipouro Kalaitzi is distilled with the help of steam, inside copper alembic stills. The fermented grapes are slowly and patiently refined at controlled, low temperatures, in an eight disc fractional distillation column.
This extraordinary tsipouro is twice distilled, resulting in an exceptionally pure product, one where the aromas of the varietal make-up can fully develop their uniqueness.
Every year, the first distillation is completed by the end of November. The second is the most important, as it ensures the incredible quality of Tsipouro Kalaitzi, finishing by late March. We only keep what is most pure – it΄s very heart. The result is a sophisticated, high-quality and fragrant spirit that celebrates the individual aromas of the grape varieties. Smooth and elegant. Authentic and clean.

On our passion

... for patience:

Once the process is complete, the distillate is left to rest for a while, to develop its full spectrum of harmonious aromas and flavors.
Then follows dilution with water of exceptional quality, which will define the alcoholic content: 40% for Tsipouro Kalaitzi without Anise and 42% for Tsipouro Kalaitzi with Anise.

On our story

For the past century, the art and the secrets of traditional tsipouro produced using copper alembics have been an integral part of the Crommida family history – an enchanting journey that has embellished thousands of beautiful moments with the flavor of unique, authentic tsipouro.

In 1947, Charalampos Crommidas moved his family from the mountain range of Mourgana, Thesprotia, to the village of Vasiliki, near Trikala, Thessalia. They used to call him Kalaitzis, meaning tinker, after his profession.
At his new home, he made a name for himself as the man who made the best tsipouro in the area – which became known as Kalaitzis’s tsipouro.

On our legacy

Today, it is Charalampos’ grandchildren who, true to the family tradition, hold in their hands the recipes and the secrets of the art of the alembic. They continue to craft their grandfathers’ famous tsipouro using contemporary winemaking and distilling methods but the same name, the same secrets and the same passion.

A matter of taste

Tsipouro Kalaitzi comes in two labels, with or without anise, in beautiful vintage bottles and carafes that bridge past and present.

Tsipouro Kalaitzi without Anise:
The exceptional quality of the distillate brings out the aromatic varieties of grapes from the marcs of which Τsipouro Kalaitzi is made secretly with passion and leaves in the mouth a sweet and refreshing aftertaste that challenges you to taste it again. Enjoy chilled paired with umami delicacies such as sautéed greens, fried bread, syglino pork and other cured meats, smoked fish, hot chilies and pickles, as well as simple, bright mezes such as two olives and a little cheese.
Whatever your preference, anise or no anise, Tsipouro Kalaitzi should always be paired with good company.

A matter of taste

Tsipouro Kalaitzi comes in two labels, with or without anise, in beautiful vintage bottles and carafes that bridge past and present.

Tsipouro Kalaitzi with Anise
A secret balance of exquisite anise, fennel and star anise seeds in the alembic generously gift their aromas to this spirit. You’ll discern cool, ethereal notes and a unique character. It is traditionally enjoyed ice-cold, often watered down, and pairs to perfection with usually savory deli meze – such as prawns and seafood, bottarga, hard yellow cheeses, as well as chilled fresh fruits.
Whatever your preference, anise or no anise, Tsipouro Kalaitzi should always be paired with good company.

Fragrant Facts

Tsipouro is a pleasure. A sip, a bite, a chat.

1. Tsipouro is served in small tumblers, chilled at 10-15°C (50-59°F). It should not be frozen, because it loses its aromas.

2. Anise tsipouro is usually served with ice and water. It is the anise that turns the tsipouro milky white when watered down.

3. Depending on the time of day and mood, tsipouro lends itself well to mains and mezes with strong and aggressive flavors. Both surf and turf are ideal, for a unique variety of taste notes.

4. Tsipouro without anise usually accompanies earthy, umami meze, meats and spicy cheeses, while tsipouro with anise is typically paired with seafood.

5. Tsipouro is always enjoyed with good company.

... and for the bold

Tsipouro Kalaitzi dares to innovate with new, outside-the-box serving suggestions. After all, it pairs beautifully with coffee, cucumber, arugula and ripe fruits.

Tsipouro Kalaitzi without Anise with whole strawberries or a ripe fig in the glass, for those who make our life beautiful
Tsipouro Kalaitzi without Anise with espresso foam, for a night out and about…
Tsipouro Kalaitzi without Anise with cucumber juice, as an aperitif
Tsipouro Kalaitzi without Anise with green olive and a pinch of fleur de sel (a la dry martini), for an evening of pleasant surprises
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